Friday, April 27, 2007


It's Breazy's birthday on Sunday so you know what that means. She gets the nekkid man of her choice. I have it on good authority that she goes all puddly over Matthew McConnaughey. So here he is, just for you. Breazy. Look, he even has a bit of bubbly to share in the bubbles.

Why are you still here?? GO scrub his back! And have a happy birthday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

speaking of llamas...

No joke... I saw a Mercedes Benz the other day here in East Tennessee, Maryville to be exact , that had a license plate that read "Llama"... y'all know who immediately came to my mind right? All of you! The tag was a Tennessee tag too so I am wondering if it isn't the folks that own that llama farm I was telling you about. I will have to find out! One day, which could be a hundred years from now the way my schedule goes, I am going to drive up to that farm and check if their car is out so I can tell if it was them and I am also going to take pics of that farm and post them here!