Friday, January 26, 2007

They came , they saw and they made me do it....

Hello friends ! Blogger made me switch. I knew they would get me because they have got several of my friends today . Now I can actually post on here again..YAY!! That is why I haven't posted on here in months is because of the blogger thing. Since this blog was switched to the new blogger I couldn't get in .

Okay.... I am outta here ! Have a good one !


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crazy Llamas

Sometimes they just walk out of the picture.

I couldn't decide which looked better, the white background looks better if you click to biggie size it - yet the black background works better for this blog color. Oh well, I give you both.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tales From the Crypt.....erm bus

Its been ages since I had a good freak on the bus but, yesterday I had a winner.

The last good freak I had was the drunk wannabe drummer. Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting next to the re-incarnation of James Dean.

I knew I was in trouble when I got on the bus for the ride home. The only seat left was next to this guy holding a picture of the princes...William and Harry. Now I should have known better, one empty seat, a guy holding a pic of the royal princes. The up side, he didn't stink, the down side? He started talking to the picture when I sat down.

This next part will be me, typing the one sided conversation I got to hear:

These people on this bus are so stuck up and into themselves, not like you two. Look at them, so mature and grown up. It was the ..Mountbatten, Lord Moutbatten, no, the Windsors. Queen Elizabeth was the social climber of the century, she has what, like 8 billion dollars and I don't have a penny. Worst fu*king day of my life, wallet stolen. Those damn Windsors.(At this point I wanted to ask him about the House of Hanover and the degenerative genes of the likes of the Kings George).

(He then proceeds to tell the picture this) Know what I am going to do tomorrow? I am going to make a sign, a cardboard sign. No, mmm, yeah, I am not ashamed. The sign will say. I am James Dean, re-incarnated. I started the Pepsi Generation with a Commercial. I am going to sit in front of the US Attorney's office with my sign. IM JAMES DEAN Damnit. I write letters to Elizabeth Taylor telling her I am back. Where would America be without James Dean and Rebel Without A Cause. No one on this bus was ever thirteen, their inner child is dead. Ben Franklin believed in re-incarnation and he was the first secretary of the treasury. I started the Pepsi generation now, Im broke. But thats ok, Im priceless, not like all these stuck up people on the bus. James Dean re-incarnated....Im an actor...its ok, I can tone it down.

There was more of the same kind of babbling, for the entire trip, and I got to sit right next to it. If I was not afraid of being stabbed with a dirty pen, I would have asked him what it was like to drive a Porsche 550 Spider and what was the last thing that went through his mind during the crash...maybe next time

May your day be James Dean re-incarnated free

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


One nekkid Hugh Jackman for your birthday, as requested, Ms. Snavy....Do enjoy, my dear, and have a perfectly exhausting birthday. MWAH!


UPDATE: Since Snavy said you can never have too much Hugh, here's some extra...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just Chillin'

When I sit around the house, I really sit around the house!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I know this is rather late but....

I just thought you all should know that one of the Christmas cards I received featured llamas. And no, it was not from anyone who ever reads this blog....
I also have a small llama Christmas ornament on my tree but I am too lazy to take pictures. You'll just have to trust me.